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Hello this is our first newspaper created by “US” the Pratt STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) Program students. We are students from the kindergarten to 5th grade that attend the after school program at DPN. We are going to talk about a variety of subjects that we are learning or are interested in. It has been busy since September. Besides our class room learning, we have had a visit from Senator Griffo, artists and many volunteers that want to share their talents with us. We participated in a walking historical tour of Boonville, a Halloween party and pajama party. The STEAM Choir sang at the Christmas in the Country celebration as well as providing a booth to sell calendars and pottery items to raise money for Lego’s. We have been busy making cards for soldiers who were not home for the holidays, writing letters and drawing pictures about what we were “Thankful for this Thanksgiving”, (sponsored by the NY State Senate). We made blankets for the local veterans who were alone for the holidays and we gave some to the Sunset Nursing Home. We ended our year with a Christmas party and exchanged gifts we made for each other.

A visit with NY Senator Griffo was a surprise to the kids as they celebrated their year of STEAM.

Photo by Rayan Aguam, Dir. of Communications & Community Relations All the students received a personalized signed photo from Senator Griffo. The students are very thankful for this visit because Senator Griffo invited them to participate in several programs that the State Senate sponsors. These programs include The “What I am Thankful For”, Earth Day Poster contest and the Summer Reading program.

BirdSleuth”ing” with Cornell by Katlin, Ireland and Haven

We have started learning about birds and their habitat in our area. We have learned that if it has feathers it is a BIRD. Bird feeders are up and we have been learning about the birds that are visiting as well as the habit that they live in, what they eat and where they sleep. We also created our own bird. We provided a species name, its habitat and what its’ diet is. Our birds will be submitted to Cornell’s monthly bird newsletter hoping a few will be highlighted in upcoming articles. Under the program, we become “Citizen Scientists” and participate in several different programs such as the 17th annual Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC), February 14– 17, 2014 where we will count the birds we see in 15 minutes and report them to Cornell. If interested visit

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Cameras, Computers and Creative Photo Shop

by Christopher and Gabe

We have learned that cameras are very neat. You can take pictures and videos with the ones we have at the Center. Photo Shop is really awesome. We have learned how to edit our pictures, change the color and how to take objects out, like a finger as well as to superimpose an object.

A visit with the Boonville Amateur Radio Club by Rachel

We were so lucky that the BARC came to teach us about HAM radios and FRS (2-way radio) Emergency use. We also learned how to use phonetics to spell our name so anyone can figure it out, like my name is Romeo, Alpha, Charlie, Hotel, Echo, Lima (Rachel). We got to talk to the other kids at the Center as we were broken down into groups. The exercise was to help us learn what to do in an emergency and the 5 “W’s”; Who, What, Where, When, and Why.

NANOOZE with Cornell by Sarah

NANOOZE (Sounds like nah news) is all about things we cannot see, the smallest of small and even smaller than small technology. Oobleck is a nano experiment that is a liquid but also a solid, kind of like slim that I made for the science fair last year. The objective is The way the materials, cornstarch and water, behaves on a macro scale and it’s by the structures on the nanoscale. We are planning a visit to MVCC on April 8th to attend NanoDays so we can learn more about this neat technology.

LEGO and the FLL (First Lego League) By Aya

We are excited to be using Legos and raised money to purchase a Lego Robot for the FLL competitions in 2014. It will be very exciting to go to MVCC when they host the next round of compositions. We must first learn how to use and train the robots. We are building a robot snow sculpture for the Boonville Snow Festival.

GavynYScience by Gavyn

Electricity is something that can be generated. It could be created by using wind, water, and solar. Electricity is transported through wires and switches. Electricity is used for powering things such as our electric fireplace, the lights in our house, our TV, computers and our refrigerator.

How to Make a Snowman By: Riley

First, you need snow. Next, you make 3 snow balls, large, medium, and small. Then put them together. Large on the bottom, medium in the middle, and the small on the top. After that you need to get the things for the face and stomach. Finally, after you put the stuff on, you have a snowman.

Frozen Movie Review by Emma

Frozen is a movie about true love that takes place in Rendlle. Elsa is a girl with ice powers. Her sister is Anna and she isn’t afraid of anything. Olaf is the snowman who names another snowman Marshmallow. Marshmallow is tough. Christof is taking Anna up North Mountain to see Elsa. Hans is the bad guy and he says Anna is dead, but she really isn’t. Elsa freezes Anna when she comes back from North Mountain. Only an act of true love can save Anna. Christof brings Anna to Han’s castle to save her because he loves her. Elsa finally helps her because she loves her sister. Olaf’s wish was granted and he was able to see summer. Good Movie...ten out five stars.

by Sterling

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